9 Ways to Earn Money When People Aren’t Walking Into Your Massage Office

You can still open up even with the doors closed

There’s no denying that the COVID 19 virus has changed the world. Today, many businesses have witnessed first-hand the effect of the virus with people not wanting to venture out of their homes. But what happens when your business is dependent on people actually coming into your physical store to buy your products or services? Does it mean that revenue will die down and there’s nothing much you can do about it? No sir, it doesn’t.

We’re here to tell you how you can continue to generate income even when foot traffic is down, or simply put, when there aren’t too many people walking through the door. What needs to change is the way you approach your business. The easiest way to generate income during these strange times is definitely through the internet. Here are a few ways how…

Vouchers + Add ons

Since you may not be able to accept in-person bookings, try selling vouchers with an add on service thrown in to for goodwill. For example, if you are a massage therapist, adding a free 15-minute hot stone massage might make a significant difference in persuading people to buy a voucher. You could also try vouchers that would encourage another visit by offering a signature product on the next massage they come in for.

Blogs and Videos

An important thing to remember in these times is to keep generating public interest in your business. Blog posts and videos on health and wellness or even simple massage techniques could go a long way in keeping your business relevant. By monetizing your blog or web page, you could also generate revenue per click. In fact, according to this study in 2017, professional bloggers made profits of upwards of $100,000. Programs like AdSense by Google are easy to manage and can provide a constant stream of income.

Online Store

Sure, you don’t have customers walking in right now. How about introducing an online store for products related to your business instead? If you’re a massage therapist or in the beauty industry, selling blends of oils that you use during massages or even aromatherapy kits might be what sets you apart from other competitors. If setting up a website is an uphill task, you could always start off as a seller on Amazon, which has an easy How-To guide here.


With the advancement in technology, e-books have generated huge followings. Consider this fact- in the year 2017, 266 million e-books were sold in the United States of America alone (source). Selling your knowledge through a well-written e-book is another great way to generate some income. If writing a book seems too much of an effort, you could simply hire a ghostwriter to do the work. Once ready, you could either offer the e-book with your vouchers/products sold through your online store or even upload it to a site like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Classes through Social Media/Zoom/Skype

The wellness industry has been experiencing a tremendous boom for the last few years, but you already know that. Why not start your own online classes by branching out from massages to related wellness streams like guided meditations, simple stretching or stay at home fitness techniques? You could consider offering one on one webcam-based appointments or even have group sessions to encourage healthy social interactions without breaking social distancing rules.

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably heard people throw this term and if you do understand the concept, it is an easy way to earn a passive income through your website. If you aren’t completely sure what affiliate marketing involves, here’s a small example: Jen has a blog on health and wellness. From time to time, she reviews new products in her field of work or gives her readers product recommendations, based on her own experiences. Say she does a stretching exercise post on her blog and her readers love the yoga mat she’s working out on. She adds a link to the amazon page she bought the mat from. Now, every time someone buys a mat off that link, she gets a commission on that sale. Here’s a great post explaining how you can easily sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program.

YouTube/Google Ads

This one expands on the monetizing aspect that is mentioned earlier in this post.

Starting a YouTube channel or a blog is easy. Maintaining it to a high quality, that takes effort. Making it profitable is just the next logical step when you’re offering your content for free. If you’re able to start a niche wellness blog or channel, try garnering traffic by publicizing your content on local community pages on Facebook or on sites like NextDoor.com Your ads can be tailored to your content and if your site/channel goes big, you could even have local businesses in your area wanting to buy advertising space from you. For example, since no one can really go out and get a massage, people may look for simple relaxation techniques that can be done at home. A locally known face will obviously be preferred to a YouTube stranger. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Patreon and Other Crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding is becoming a very popular and viable option to generate income through online content. Websites like Patreon where supporters donate money to get access to exclusive content and workshop, are worth exploring especially since this can easily be publicized through your personal and business social media. Of course, you’re charged a percentage of your monthly earnings, but the upside is that they handle all payment processing. Here a quick link to the plans available on the Patreon website.


This last one ties in with the idea of e-books. The knowledge and concept for both are similar. However, courses will focus more on pre-recorded videos and audio clips than written material. You could also throw in a free Q&A session where someone can set up an appointment with you to discuss the course and have you answer their questions.




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